Mars Hill

Anthem [9th - 12th Grade]

Anthem is the lives of many rising up as one. The idea is a shared message, a unified sound—we’re rising up for what matters, and we’re rising up together.

During our Sunday program, high school students and their LifeGroups get the chance to eat, listen to music, laugh, discuss, pray, experience creative worship, hear teachings, and serve others, along with playing Foursquare, pool, and ping-pong in between. We meet in the Student Room [at the north end of the Mars Hill facility] from 7:30-9:15pm on Sundays during the school year [September through May]. Check out our 2014-2015 calendar for dates and details >

Connecting your high school student with Anthem is easy. Simply have them show up at the Student Room at Mars Hill on a Sunday by 7:30pm, and right away we’ll connect them with a LifeGroup. [6 to 10 students in their grade and 2 amazing volunteer LifeGroup Leaders.] Their LifeGroup will make them feel welcome and show them around for the rest of the evening!


Winter Camp 2015
Get ready to play broomball, tube hills, climb walls, laugh, dance, sing, and learn more about God and each other. For 3 days Anthem will get out of town, take over Timber Wolf Lake Camp, and have the kind of weekend you’ll reminisce about for years to come.

Where:   Timber Wolf Lake Camp in Lake City, MI
When:   Jan 23-25, 2015
Drop off:    After School on Jan 23
Pick up:   Sunday Afternoon on Jan 25 [more details to come]

Before Nov 17:  $109
Before Dec 15:  $119
After Dec 15:  $129 as space is available
[Need-based assistance is available—we want every student to attend]

Register online now or download a registration form and return it with your payment during program.

Registration Deadline: 11:59pm on Dec 15

Questions? Call 406.3954

Give The Gift Of Winter Camp

Register your student, then print out one of our Winter Camp Gift Cards to present it to them in a creative way.

Anthem Spring Break 2015 Service Trip
Anthem students and leaders will be heading to ECHO in Fort Myers, FL. ECHO is a global Christian organization that equips people with agricultural resources and skills. Participants on this trip will learn about sustainable work to reduce hunger around the world, work the fields of ECHO’s 5 different farms, and help out with small building construction. If you’re a High School student and would like to join this trip, submit the application by December 1. All participants will be asked to write support letters and contribute $100 of their own funds. More >

When: April 5-10, 2015
Where: ECHO in Fort Myers, Florida
Application Deadline: Dec 1

Apply Now >

Find your place.

Your calling.

Your community.

While helping Students find theirs. Learn more about how you can walk with our students this year.


Your student needs your permission to participate.  Download + print the form here then return it to MHS.
MHS Parent Permission Form

RELA Nights

RELA Nights are times set aside for LifeGroups to create, strengthen, and deepen the ongoing relationships between leaders and students. Enjoy hanging out and sharing an experience outside of the normal LifeGroup time.