Mars Hill

Step in and look closely.

Step in—but step and turn to the right or to the left now, whichever is opposite your standard routine.

Look closely.

Next to the teenager [holes in the knees of her jeans] is a man [starched collar, executive air]; just down the row from them is another man [tattoos from elbow to wrist], and a few seats back is a couple [older, grayer]. A woman [shiny high heels] is directly across the room from a woman [flip flops], and between them a child [blinking sneakers] swings his feet above the floor in the place where he sits among the circles of gray chairs.

Step in. Look closely and see: all of us are covered in the same dust.

We are a community of people with ordinary differences and eccentricities, with gaps and divisions—but what unites us is our common pulse of need. We all need food to eat, water to drink, a roof overhead. We need a purpose and a place to be; we need truth and meaning; we need rest and relief and saving. We need people around us who can look and see like Jesus did, who can notice and stand alongside us, who can give of themselves. The need is what makes it human. Sharing the need is what makes it church.

Our community network on is one way we’re sharing need: serving each other and serving side by side. Through profiles and projects, we’re able to get help and give help as we learn together how to love and live as the body of Christ.

Getting Involved

To join our network on, pre-register on the site: create a user profile and upload a photo for your profile.

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