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Economic Opportunity In Burundi

In Burundi, Africa, one of the biggest hurdles in alleviating poverty is lack of capital. Yet, after a decade-long civil war, only a small percentage of people in Burundi have the collateral required to obtain it. Sitting at 166 out of 169 on the Human Development Index [which ranks countries by health, education, and income], the Burundian people are near to the world’s poorest.

Yet, there is hope. Turame Community Finance is a microcredit institution with pre-credit preparation trainings designed to increase a client’s capacity for credit policies and procedures. This training, combined with a social guarantee between members of the same group, serves in place of collateral, to open up the opportunity to obtain a microloan.

Our Five-Year Commitment

Over our 5-year commitment to this microfinance initiative, the Mars Hill community gave over 1.2 million dollars of our Joy Box contributions to support the micro-finance initiatives of Turame Community Finance. Now that our 5-year commitment has ended we invite you to take a look back at what we accomplished together. View Our Wrap Up Report >

KIVA + The Mars Hill Lending Team

Just because our 5-year commitment has ended, doesn’t mean your involvement has to. In fact, we’d now like to invite you to engage with Turame in an even more hands-on way—by becoming a micro-finance lender on the Mars Hill Lending Team.

As a micro-finance lender, you can select the particular group or project you’d like to support, and participate directly in the lending process, loaning as little as $25 at a time through Kiva is a non-profit organization whose online tools connect organizations, like Turame, with lenders, like you and me, so it’s easy to get engaged.

Take part in helping alleviate poverty by empowering those without access to traditional banking systems with the means to create new opportunities.

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