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Child Dedications + Baptism

Child Dedications

Child Dedication at Mars Hill is a practice in which parents make a solemn commitment to raising their child in the faith: in knowing Jesus as the only hope for bringing reconciliation between God and humanity. This service typically includes a Scripture reading, prayer, a “Family Covenant” reading, and a series of vows spoken by parents. If desired, parents and families may personalize these services; for example, including blessings or prayers from grandparents or incorporating meaningful songs and/or other creative elements.

Child Dedication trainings and services take place throughout the year.

Upcoming Child Dedications
Our next child dedications will take place on Sunday, October 25, with the required pre-dedication class on Sunday, October 11. REGISTER NOW >


At Mars Hill, we teach that Baptism marks our participation in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, with the church, to serve the world.

Special Sundays are designated to celebrate baptism together as a community. Prior to these, parents may discern with their child when they are ready to publicly proclaim their faith through baptism. In order to help you both with this decision, a Kids + Families baptism class will be available and required for all wishing to be baptized. Learn More >

Have Questions?

We’ve provided responses to our most common questions about Child Dedications and baptism in our FAQs, and if you’d still like further information, we invite you to email us.