These grassroots expressions weren’t started by Mars Hill, and they aren’t run by Mars Hill either. So why are they here? Because in Grand Rapids and in other cities and countries, people connected to Mars Hill have come up with ways to reflect our mission through their own work and service. They’re helping to bring about measurable change in the world, and that’s something we’re pretty excited about. If you’re looking to give to or get involved with some great efforts, we hope you’ll consider these.


Harbor House

At Harbor House, we believe each person is created by God with purpose and value. Therefore, each person's care is tailored to his or her unique abilities and gifts with activities that are purposeful and meaningful to the individual. With a staff to resident ratio of 1-to-2, we strive to support each person as they work to realize their goals and dreams. Family involvement is a big part of Harbor House. Founded by families of adults with severe impairments, we know that family members are the best advocates for any individual. We work hard to maintain an atmosphere where family is valued and welcome all the time. We seek not to replace, but to partner with families in providing the best care and enriching environment possible.

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Kingdom Aid Adoptions

The KingdomAid TAMBA fund offers matching grants and no-interest loans through Lifesong for Orphans. Our vision is to offer financial support that will help bring orphans into families, and change their lives from orphan to son or daughter.

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Todd Waite Legacy Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Educating people about suicide awareness and prevention, and where to turn to for help or comfort in an otherwise confusing time.

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Renewing Eden

As an authentic community of Christ followers, the members of Renewing Eden desire to be active participants in God's creation narrative to bring redemption to the earth and its people. We do this by creating space in the wilderness to be still before the Creator, acting in the community as caretakers of creation, and joining together socially to share these experiences and our love of nature.

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Fill Your Own was created to suggest you make an intentional decision every time you consider opening a manufactured bottle of water. Consider that bottled water has an environmental impact at every step in the process; the bottles: raw material extraction, raw material consumption, manufacturing, transportation, disposal; and the water: harvesting, transportation, filtering, bottling, transportation (again). And these wastes don't even include the bottles that are opened and not even consumed.

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Kids for Compassion

Kids for Compassion is a group of kids with a mission. That mission is to help kids fight the battle against HIV/AIDS. We are doing this by sending AIDS affected kids in Kigali, Rwanda to school. Just fifty dollars can send Denise, a little girl, to school with supplies, books, uniforms, everything she needs. This will also help her to get an education and as she gets older, stay off the streets where she is vulnerable to AIDS.

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Grand Rapids Red Project

The Grand Rapids Red Project [GRRP] began over a decade ago, when eight people sat around a kitchen table and decided to make a difference in the face of HIV/AIDS in Grand Rapids, MI. This group had personal experience with the epidemic and felt that there were gaps in care and services for those infected. Today the GRRP is made up of community members who are passionate advocates and activists in the fight against HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and the harmful or risky choices that help spread these life-altering medical conditions.

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Relentless is a cutting edge project at the intersection of health and justice. As a global health consultant to organizations that work with trafficked people, Katherine Welch helps to build their capacity in addressing their health needs as whole people. She is also involved in training American health care professionals about the health consequences of human trafficking, and speaks at various events to advocate the cause and challenge others to join the movement.

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SWIM! provides swim lessons to those who cannot afford them or do not have the resources available to learn, in an attempt to prevent the heartbreak of losing a loved one because of drowning.

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Peace Moms

Nadyne and Soraya met at a dinner party. It was friendship instantly. Soraya, in her native dress and Nadyne in her cowboy boots and jeans. Soraya, a Muslim from Sri Lanka. Nadyne, a Christian from the suburbs in Michigan. Both ladies furthering their professional education, Soraya, an attorney pursuing her master’s degree, Nadyne, a struggling business woman going for a secondary teacher’s certificate, and both ladies dreaming of being a mom...

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The Potter's House

The Potter's House is an elementary, middle, and high school that was started by a group of Calvin College [Grand Rapids, MI] graduates who decided they wanted to make a difference in their community.

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GR Learning Foundation

Grand Rapids Learning Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve students in need and enhance the quality of their education.

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Michigan Abolitionist Project

We're a group of community members seeking to end modern-day slavery through various educational and prevention efforts in Michigan and beyond.

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The Manasseh Project

The Manasseh Project is an outreach ministry of Wedgwood Christian Services dedicated to ending the sexual exploitation of young men and women in West Michigan.

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Women HEAR for Women There

If you have wanted to make a difference in the lives of women at risk, but didn't know how to go about it, Women Hear For Women There is for you! This organization was started to help women and children living in the midst of poverty, abuse, and hopelessness in Ghana.

WHWT products are handcrafted in the U.S. with batik fabric made at the International Needs Vocational Training Center in Ghana, where vulnerable women learn skills so they can provide for their families and children and live lives of dignity and purpose.

We also do local outreach at the Kent County Jail, as well as Burton Elementary School.

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United In Christ

United In Christ Ministries [UICM] is an organization that began in the under-resourced Black Hills neighborhood [Grand Rapids, MI] when multiple faith-based groups came together in developing a community center for the kids and families in the area. Today UICM hosts a variety of programs in its over 8,000 square-foot center, and this is just part of its effort in the community. It also brings together stakeholders in order to positively impact the lifelong sustainability of the Black Hills area, creating a life-changing atmosphere for local youth and families.

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Hope Farms

Bethany Christian Services’ Hope Farms is a 5-acre farm in southeast Grand Rapids where refugees develop their past farming experience into deeper agricultural and entrepreneurial skills.

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