The word theology comes from two Greek words: “theos”, meaning “God”, and “logos”, meaning “word”.
So theology is words about God. Since story is central to our belief about God, our words about God—our theology—exists in the form of a narrative.

When we put to words what we believe about God, we discover that God has been writing a story of hope and redemption for all the world. This story is a movement from creation to new creation, and God has given us a role to play in that story, in the restoration of our relationships with God, each other, ourselves, and creation.

The Mars Hill Narrative Theology

Our ability to grow together as a church stems from what we hold central—Jesus and our commitment to the biblical narrative. By the grace of God, this story becomes our story and we perpetuate it by the power of the Holy Spirit, as we serve our local and global community, and invite others to participate in this pursuit of Jesus together.

Demonstrating a harmony of both orthodoxy [right thinking] and orthopraxy [right living/practice], this narrative seeks to not only guide our thoughts and minds, but the way we live our lives. To highlight these key themes in the biblical narrative and offer direct insight into the theology that is central to our teaching, leadership, and ministries, footnotes have been added throughout.

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